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Professional Hair Dryer


$176.20 $178.20

3 Heat X 5 Wind Fast Drying, Low Noise, Curling, Durable, Best Blow Dryer Frizzy Hair, 2 Nozzles & Hair Dryer Comes with Holder for Salon Blowouts and Travel

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    • [POWERFUL WIND with UPGRADE BLDC MOTOR 3.0] – The BLDC motor is a brushless motor that extends the life of the dryer more than 10 times. It not only lowers vibration but improves energy efficiency by more than 20%. The upgraded motor, wide inhale part, and internal air stream guide brought in more wind and blew out more powerful wind than the existing dryer.
    • [15 Wind Types to Choose From] The JMW AIR SENS hair dryer operates the motor and heater independently. The motor operates only during cold wind mode. Once changing from warm to cold mode, cold air immediately comes out without being lukewarm.
    • [Easy controlling temperatures as 3 levels] Regardless of level, press and hold the temperature button to change to cool wind. Press the button once again to return to the previous wind level. 


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