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Microblading Eye Brow Pencil


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Eyebrow Pen, Microblading Eye Brow Pencil, Micro 4 Point Makeup Pens for Natural and Hair-Like Strokes, Long Lasting, Waterproof and Professional Eyebrow Definer (Taupe)

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    • ┬áNatural Looking Eyebrows: This eyebrow pen gives you the hair-like strokes that make your eyebrows look natural and precise. It makes you look confident and beautiful.
    • ┬áLong Lasting and Water-Proof: Our eyebrow pen is long lasting that can stay on your brows for the whole day. Scared to lose your eyebrow product when exercising or heavy activity? No worries we made sure that this eyebrow pen is water proof and sweat proof.
    • ┬áBeginner Friendly: This eyebrow pen product is easy to use even for first time user! Gently hold the pen to give the precise look you are aiming for. If the eyebrow pen got mixed with other products, wipe gently the tip on some tissue and you’re ready to use it again.


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