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Lips Enhancer Plumper Device


 Lips Silicone Fish Shape Natural Pout Mouth Tool Sexy Lip Mouth

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    • Please check it.1)It’s a temporary beauty tool, plumper effect last only about 30 minutes to 2 hours.2)One size fits for most people, just rotate product position to find fit angle for you.
    • How to use: Step1:Clean your lip pump with mild soap and water, and then wet the area around your mouth with water, which help establish tighter suction. Step2:Position your lip pump head over your lip area, compress the pump to expel air, then release. Hold lightly in place, let your lips relax into the lip pump. While the pump is compressed, pucker and wiggle your lips as far and deep into the lip pump as possible. Position your upper and lower lips between the middle platform


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