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Hair Dye for Dark hair


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Hair Dye for Dark hair – Dark Brown Hair Dye Permanent Hair Color, Instant Hair Coloring Products, Easy & Fast Hair Dye Shampoo for Men Women, Natural

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    • Natural Extracts Permanent Hair Dye: PYEONAN is an ammonia-free hair coloring products for brilliant colour and visibly healthier-looking hair. Revitalize your scalp and enrich your hair color with various extract ingredients such as green tea, mulberry bark, salvia, ginseng, aloe vera leaf, and more.
    • Ammonia-Free Hair Color: Using various herbal extract ingredients, not only gives the hair a natural look but is gentle on the scalp without the harsh smell of ammonia.
    • 100% Gray Coverage: A cream-type shampoo that delivers a richer, shinier, and longer-lasting natural color to your hair without irritating the scalp.


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