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Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow


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Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow, Chameleon Metallic Eyeshadow MultiColor Shifting, Highly Pigmented, Long Lasting With No Creasing Multichrome Holographic Eye Looks (#6 Aurora)

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    Metallic liquid eyeshadow shows intense flowing color changes with the light, with three shifts, one primary color, and two additional colors, and the color transformation in a different light makes your eyes more glamorous.
    Quick-drying with easy extension, non-smudge-free, high-saturated tint, and smooth application that lasts for a multi-dimensional perfect eye look.
    Liquid glitter eyeshadow has a lightweight mousse-like consistency with a harmless formula that is smooth and without a crease, and easy to remove, just wiping it with clear water.


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