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Dark Purple Hair Dye


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Permanent Hair Color Ammonia Free with Comb Applicator Easy Use Hair Coloring Cream Kit

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    2 in 1 Hair Dye: Innovative comb applicator design, colors seals all-in-one, mix-free, easy reinstall. Hair coloring is as easy & direct as combing your hair. It’s the best pick for taking a creative home salon at hand. Comb hair gently before using.
    No Ammonia Formula Hair Dye Cream: It’s enriched with Jojoba seed oil and natural plant leaf extracts, gentle to scalp. Deep-conditions hair while depositing colors, leaving hair silky smooth and with a fresh fruity aroma scent, no dreadful chemical smell.
    Permanent Hair Color Dye: Stand out of the crowd with a extra bold electric purple. Enjoy beautiful, rich, long-lasting color from root to tip. Shine the purple blue tones in the reflect light. It will last up to 3 weeks on average.


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