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Cluster Eyelashes


Makeup Eyelashes Natural Individual False Eyelashes Spiky Anime Mink Bottom Eye Lashes Pack by EYDEVRO (50 Clusters)

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    • 50Pcs Manga Cluster Lashes: 12mm natural manga lash clusters, you can DIY individual bottom lash at will. You can glue each manga cluster under the lash with regular lash glue. Cluster lash extensions have great curl and are wispy and full, but still lightweight.
    • New Faux Mink Individual Lashes: Mink false eyelashes material can maintains wispy effect for more lasting. Manga lashes are comfortable to wear without burden on your eyes. You can wear the anime eyelashes in many occasions like working, school or dating.
    • Korean Makeup Anime Eyelashes: Handmade lash band is only 0.2mm. Lightweight and soft for a manga anime look. Natural soft band is easier to apply and more comfortable to the touch.


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